CM SalesFunnel

No additional configuration! Sales Funnel Chart available today!

About CM SalesFunnel

CM SalesFunnel is a sales funnel chart very easy to use. Not only it enable you to analyze bottlenecks on phases, it will provide valid information when redesigning your phases.

  1. Identify the bottleneck in the phases
  2. Provide valid information for redesigning the phases
  3. No additional configuration! All you need to do is INSTALL & ALLOCATE!


No additional configuration! All you need to do is INSTALL & ALLOCATE!

It is VERY EASY to use CM SalesFunnel. All you need is to install and allocate CM SalesFunnel using Lightning App Builder. The ONLY property setting is ON/OFF of All Stages Reflected Mode. You can start analysing your phases right away!


Visualize not only how opportunities flow between phases but also “phase-up %” and “close rate” in one view!

CM SalesFunnel will visualize data like “number of opportunities”, “phase-up %”, “average opportunity volume”, “average phase stay” and “close rate” in each phase. Also, it will enable you to compare the past and the present in a single chart.


CM SalesFunnel has 2 different modes

Identify the bottleneck in the phases – “All Stages Reflected ON” mode –

Once the “All Stage Reflected” mode is ON, SalesFunnel chart will reflect beautiful funnel chart which will enable you to conduct bottleneck analysis. In this mode, even if some phases were skipped or perhaps the only the final record of “close” was recorded after the deal was closed without phase details input, SalesFunnel will aggregate the outcome as if the deal passed each phase.

Provide valid information for redesigning the phases – “All Stages Reflected OFF” mode –

If you turn OFF the accumulation of opportunities that jumped one or more phases, the funnel will be distorted when there are many opportunities that does not align with the current phase. This will illustrate phase(s) that does not fit with current sales process.


Setting duration and past-present comparison

You can select duration in CM SalesFunnel. If you wish to compare with the designated duration in the past, you place check mark on “Compare” and set the duration. If the duration is already set in listview, the duration of listview will overtake.


If the date range is set in listview, the setting in CM SalesFunnel will function as filter condition for the date range set for listview.


You can refer to the list of opportunities for the selected phase

If you click funnel chart, the list of opportunities will appear.


Ready for smartphone !

CM SalesFunnel is ready for smartphone.