CM ActivityChart

Visualize the activities and performance of your team with Lightning Component.

What is CM ActivityChart ?

What do people do after visualizing the summary of activities on the Dashboard and Report ? I do the same amount of work as her, so why are our results different? He always seems busy at the end of the month, I wonder what he is doing? That team has been producing good results recently, maybe they changed how they do things? With Lightning Component you can visually display the answers to these questions.

See the team’s activities and performance at a glance

Each individual’s daily activities (Event / Task) are displayed together, so you can instantly see the progress of their activities throughout the selected period. You can also color code them in the Activity object based on whatever categories you want, and can see not only the number of activities, but their quality (details, etc.).

Use it for improving behavior and communication based on your current activities

You will be able to see details of the activities of individuals at a glance, so people can compare themselves with top sellers and other team members to evaluate their own performance, and you can use it for communications between team members or between bosses and employees at sales conferences and one on one meetings.

Supports Chatter group and can be displayed on the group page for added convenience

You can choose to display only the members that are in a certain Chatter group. You can also display the CM ActivityChart on the Group page, so you can use CM ActivityChart while communicating in a Chatter group.