Install CM ActivityPlus

Instruction for installing CM ActivtyPlus

How to install CM ActivityPlus

In order to activate Lightning component, [my domain] setting need to be activated. If you have not activated [my domain] setting, please refer here and activate.
  1. Access CM ActivityPlus page and click [Get It Now] button.

  2. Log in to the AppExchange.

  3. Select Salesforce org that you wish to install
  4. Double check that you’ve selected the right Salesforce org and click the checkbox for “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”. Then click [Confirm and Install!].
  5. Once again, log in to Salesforce org that you’ve installed the component.
  6. Select the deploy range and click [Install].
  7. Click [Done] to complete.

Enable CM ActivityPlus

In order to activate CM ActivityPlus after installing, you need to place CM ActivityPlus in each Salesforce page that you wish to use CM ActivityPlus.

  1. Open Saleseforce Homepage or record page that you wish to use CM ActivityPlus.
  2. Click [Setup] icon on the upper right corner of the page, then click [Edit Page].
  3. Lightning App Builder will appear. Drag [CM ActivityPlus] from [Custom – Managed] list in the bottom left of the Builder and drop it in the area that you wish to display [CM ActivityPlus].
  4. Click [Save] and you are done!