CM ActivityPlus

Go through Activity record of various objects at one list and send instant feedback via Chatter!

What is CM ActivityPlus?

With CM ActivityPlus you can view and react to any Activity records of your team members/subordinates and/or Opportunities/Accounts/Leads in single page. It can be used without distracting your Salesforce working environment.

  1. CM ActivityPlus will list activity record in compact manner. Users can view details/comments of each record with mouseover as if skimming email titles and picking the ones that you want to know in detail.
  2. If you click a record, it will show the list in the left, the detail in the middle and the Chatter feed in the right hand side of the same view, neatly allocated.
  3. If you embody this component in user page, you can go through Activity history and future schedule of that person in compact list view.


You can choose to show the detail in Expand View.

You can display Activity history and future schedule in record page and homepage. The details of Activity or comment in ToDo can be displayed by pressing “Expand All/Collapse All” button, which enables you to read activity history quickly. You can also click ‘Related to’ and ‘Assigned to’ and filter the shown record.


You can display Activity history and future schedule in record page and homepage. The details of Activity or ToDo comment can be displayed by pressing “Expand All/Collapse All” button.


The detail of the activity can be seen without screen transition. You can READ Activity as if you are viewing the Emails in mailer and send response to Activity with Chatter as if replying to specific email.

If you click an activity listed, the detail of each activity pops up in the center of the page. You can see both list and the detail in same screen. Also you can post Chatter and view the feed at same screen.


Place CM ActivityPlus in the use page and use as daily report

If you place CM ActivityPlus component in user page, it will function like daily report. It enables you to view both activity history and future plan in daily basis and you can provide feedback right away via Chatter placed right next to the record detail.


No additional setting, just to place in the wherever/whichever page you like!

It is very easy to use CM ActivityPlus. All you have to do is launch any objects in Lightning App Builder and locate CM ActivityPlus in the place you want to view CM ActivityPlus. Without any additional property setting, it will work right away.


Can be located in various pages of Lightning Experience

CM ActivityPlus can be located in use page and homepage where Activity component cannot be displayed.



Salesforce1 (smartphones and smart devices) Ready!

CM ActivityPlus is available in smartphone (Salesforce1). User can read through Activity record as if you are wandering around Wikipedia.